■Engine machining equipment

Machining lines supply parts to the engine assembly process. Machining is performed to prepare casted or forged parts such as cylinder blocks and cylinder heads for assembly. This process requires a very high level of precision, sometimes with a tolerance of microns. Our machining lines are equipped to carry out such detailed operations.

Four-wheeled vehicle head valve seat/guide press fitting machine


servo press version/hydraulic cylinder press version
This is a machine used for press fitting a valve seat and a valve guide into the head. In press fitting, the distance and the load are controlled by a servomechanism, while parts are fed automatically. Before press fitting commences, the internal diameter of the section where the workpiece is to be press fitted is measured and inspected. A hydraulic cylinder version of the same machine is also available.

Four-wheeled vehicle engine honing machine


This is a machine used for honing the inside of piston cylinders.

Four-wheeled vehicle head mid-phase/final leak test machine (inline type)

エンジン加工3This is a machine used for carrying out leak tests on water jackets, oil holes, cam rooms, combustion chambers, ports, etc. on the head.

Four-wheeled vehicle head plug/ball press fitting machine (inline type)

エンジン加工4This is a machine used for press fitting a bowl plug or a ball into the head. Both the supply of the plugs/balls and the application of adhesive to the plug press fitting section are performed automatically.

Laser marking machine

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