Environmental Activities

We at TERRASYSTEM Co., Ltd. consider the harmony between business activities and the natural environment to be our most important task. In adopting the environmental policy outlined below, we actively commit ourselves to environmental conservation activities in order to fulfill our social responsibility as a production system manufacturer.

space1. We will use parts and materials with low environmental impact in order to offer environmental-friendly products to our customers.
space2. We will adhere to all environmental regulations and agreements in conducting our business operations.
space3. We will establish an environmental management system, set environmental targets and commit ourselves to environmental conservation activities. We will also carry out continuous improvement and pollution prevention measures.
space4. We will set the following items in particular as important environmental themes to promote environmental conservation activities, in order to reduce the environmental burden arising from our business activities.
space◆Reduction of waste and promotion of recycling
space◆Reduction of CO2 emissions via energy and resource conservation
space◆Cooperation with environmental activities and events in the local areas or by associated organizations
space5. We will provide our employees with environmental education to help them to familiarize themselves with these policies, to understood them thoroughly, to abide by them, and to make them a part of employees’ everyday work.

Established on February 1st 2011.

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